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Worried about the cost of heating your home this winter?

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save-on-heating-billHeating your home in the winter is an expensive cost most of us could do without paying. As the cold winter months kick in, we have to gradually turn the heating up in order to keep warm and comfortable in our day to day lives.

With the cold weather rapidly approaching, there’s never been a more important time to make sure your home heating system is up to scratch. If you’ve got a new extension to heat, a failing central heating system to prop up, or a few rooms that could use an extra boost of heat, our electric radiators could provide you with an economical, easy-install solution that will keep you cosy all through the winter.

Replace Storage Heaters

If you’re still using storage heaters to heat your home, you could save money and make yourself more comfortable by switching to electric radiators. Whilst storage heaters are intended to save you money by charging up overnight using cheaper Economy tariffs, the development of energy efficient electric radiators offers a more controllable alternative that can be cheaper to run even whilst using standard electricity tariffs. Electric radiators will never leave you in the lurch when cold weather strikes because they do not need to charge up overnight – if the thermostat registers colder temperatures, the radiator which push out more heat to ensure you stay warm and comfortable. Replacing storage heaters with electric radiators couldn’t be easier – you can even do it by hand. Once you’ve removed your old storage heaters, your electric radiators will simply screw to the wall and plug in to the nearest socket. Slimline and stylish, our electric radiators are much slimmer than bulky storage heaters so will create more space in your home.

Electric Radiators to Boost Your Heating

If you’re not ready to replace your entire central heating system, but want a way to boost the heat in those cooler spaces, an electric radiator cannily installed alongside your current system can provide an affordable means of keeping you warm. If, for instance, you’re hit by unexpectedly cold weather and your central heating system is struggling to cope, an electric radiator can provide a welcome top-up – quietly warming the room without you having to push a button. When your central heating is providing enough heat, your electric radiator will sit quietly without using power. But as soon as your heating system fails to achieve your set comfort temperatures, your electric radiator will kick in and top up the heat: a useful short-term solution that will protect your comfort without breaking the bank.

Make this September the month where you sort out your heating once and for all, ensuring comfortable and affordable heating throughout the winter. For more information on our energy efficient electric radiators give our friendly sales team a call today on 01484 213151.

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