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Why heat electric?

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Electric heating gets a lot of bad press and we often get asked about running costs and efficiency. In this article we examine why people choose electric heating.

Ecocurve1) No choice

Sometimes there is no other choice of heating available. Flats and apartments rarely have a gas supply and many rural areas are off the mains gas grid. Lots of modern offices only have electricity.

Many flats have old fashioned storage heaters, which don’t suit most people’s lifestyle. They emit heat during the day when people are at work and have often run out of steam by the evening. The lack of controllability frustrates many residents.

In offices it is common to see cheap convector heaters being used to ‘top up’ a heating system that is not up to the job. This is wasteful, expensive and gives electric heating a bad reputation!

So what is the alternative? Find an electric radiator that is suitable for your property and lifestyle and make your property as energy efficient as possible. For example, The EcoSlimline and EcoCurve are great for modern properties with good insulation. It heats up quickly, using the finned element and optimised convection process and then maintains the temperature effortlessly using the ceramic core. The EcoHeat has more ceramic, meaning it is great for older properties with thick, stone walls and high ceilings. It takes a little longer to heat up but once it is warm it emits the heat for a long time without drawing power. And finally, the EcoWifi give you controllability at the tap of your phone! No more coming home to a cold house!

All home and business owners should consider the energy performance of the building to maximise the efficiency of any heating system. Simple solutions such as door brushes to minimise draughts and loft insulation can make a big difference.

2) Low capital outlay

If your property doesn’t have any form of heating and you are wondering whether or not to choose gas or electric then consider this. The future of gas is uncertain. The supply is finite and an alternative must be found within our lifetime. What’s more the cost of installing central heating runs into thousands and requires annual maintenance and safety checks.

The capital outlay for electric heating is much cheaper compared to gas. If one radiator fails you can replace it quickly and easily. Whereas, if your boiler breaks down the whole house is cold whilst you wait for a repair. If you make your house as energy efficient as possible, then running costs can become comparable with gas, by use of zonal heating and individual thermostats.

3) Renewable energy

The cost of photo voltaic (PV) panels has dropped considerably over the last ten years and many householders and developers have installed them. Recently, solar power batteries have solved the problem of storing energy you create during the day for use when the sun isn’t shining.

What does this mean for the future of electric heating? It means you can reduce your dependency on the National Grid, use minimal fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint. But moreover, it means that you can generate your own electricity, use it for free and protect yourself from rising energy costs!

So why heat electric? VeriSmart electric radiators are an ideal way of future proofing your home, saving you money and saving the planet! That’s why!

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