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Energy Saving TipsWIth rising fuel prices and household incomes taking a strain, saving money on your utility bills has become paramount for every single working family. It’s not easy nowadays to balance the books whatever your background. So instead of scrimping on your shopping or that family holiday there are a few things you can do to cut back the cost of your fuel.

We’ve investigated the best solutions so you don’t have to; here are a few ways of reducing your energy bill.

Efficiency is the key to reducing your bill!

If you are smart with your fuel, it will pay dividends into your bank account – it might sound obvious, but people don’t realise how much fuel they are actually wasting. Imagine, for example, you like the house to be warm when you wake up in the morning – everybody does, it’s a luxury all central heating systems can provide. Some people will set a timer, some people will wake up and switch it one. Sure, you’re getting at least thirty minutes of heat in the morning, but can you live without? Imagine the money you would save by being a little bit cold in the morning – after all, you are heading out to work in a warm building. If you work outside, surely it would be better to wrap up warm before you go out instead of getting warm and them being cold again.

Did you know that by turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can save you up to £60 over the course of a year? Imagine what you would save by leaving the heating off in the morning.

This goes part in parcel with wrapping up warm instead of turning the heating up. Layers are much more cost effective, and there’s something quite pleasing about wrapping yourself up warm and snuggling under the duvet. Sure, it might be chilly from your sofa to your bed, and it may take a little longer to warm up, but do you really feel the cold when you’re asleep?

Maybe it’s time to ditch the gas!

Heating your home is your main expense when it comes to fuel bills over the winter. Through summer you’re going to be using your central heating system to warm up your water; but that’s it. It has no other purpose. Winter is when that big metal box in the corner of your kitchen really kicks you in the teeth. Gas and electric prices rise through winter, that’s no secret. So why not ditch the gas when it comes to heating your home and choose an electric heating system instead. They switch off quicker. They can be designed tailored around the size your room. They can be easily controlled. They’re a great alternative to a gas-fuel heating system. Not only that, why heat the whole house if you are only sat it one room on a morning? With an electric radiator you can take advantage of zonal heating and only heat the spaces you want.

Shop around!

Everyone knows about USwitch, but not everybody uses it. It’s a website where you can compare the prices you’re paying with all the other utility companies across the UK. It can work out how much you’re paying, how much you could be paying, and how much you’re saving. The results can be quite shocking and you can quickly realise that you’ve been overpaying for your gas and electric for a long, long time. It only takes a few minutes as well, so you’d be crazy not to give it a shot.

Ultimately, switch stuff off and use less.

The less you use, the less you’ll pay. If you remember that golden rule you’ll end up saving loads of money in the long run. Switch off everything from the socket – apart from your fridge and freezer – and get the kids to do the same. The sooner you teach children about saving energy and the environment, the sooner they’ll have it engrained in their heads that they’re doing the right thing. See, you’re teaching your children to be great human beings whilst saving yourself some cash – win, win!

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