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The end of central heating?

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Decarbonisation Target and Central Heating

Since the early dawnings of humanity, we’ve been locked in a constant struggle against the elements in order to stay warm.

From the invention of fire, to the first uses of coal-fired heating, the central issue has always been how to achieve the maximum level of heat with the bare minimum fuel usage.

Central heating systems were thought to have originated in ancient Greek and Roman times where heat generated from a central furnace would be distributed throughout a building by a series of empty spaces and pipes.

A thing of the past?

Incredibly, the use of such an antiquated system has continued into the present day with the majority of homes still using a central boiler to heat a series of extra rooms through a connected series of pipes and radiators.

However, by using such an old-fashioned system, many homes can suffer from excessive energy bills as a result of heat leakage and lack of user-flexibility over how individual rooms are heated.

Furthermore, in an effort to combat pollution, many national governments have introduced measures to slash the CO2 emissions that new buildings are allowed to emit. And as the majority of such emissions are created by central heating systems, many new homes are having to find cleaner heating methods.

As new building materials and technologies have led to many homes becoming increasingly thermally-sophisticated, it looks like old-fashioned central heating systems will soon no longer be necessary.

However, there will always be a need for heating in a home, and that’s why the concept of zonal heating has recently found favour with many home-owners.

Electric radiators also prove more flexible and be moved from room to room.

Heat is created. Simple stand-alone appliances such as electric radiators offer the perfect example of such energy-efficient innovation as they can easily be installed in any room without any complicated and costly pipework.

And with governments increasingly seeking ways to aid the home-user by using fuel in a more energy-efficient way, it seems that the days of central heating could soon be numbered.

Zonal heating allows users to heat their homes on a room-by-room basis so that no unnecessary

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