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The Connected Home and Electric Heating

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What is the connected home

Many thought it was a passing fad and that it wouldn’t amount to much. But with the recent popularity of Amazon Echo, it doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon! The connected home refers to gadgets and appliances that can be controlled remotely. Using WiFi, the homeowner can control devices via their mobile, tablet or computer. With the ability to communicate with each other, individual items such as heating systems, lights and security cameras begin to form an ecosystem in the home. This allows appliances and systems to sense and anticipate your needs and seamlessly work together to meet your preferences.

WiFi Remote Control

With more devices connected to WiFi than ever before, not only does this give you control but it provides access to data no matter where you are. For example, you can see your energy consumption in realtime on your phone or watch home security footage from your computer at work. This data can be used to modify behaviour on an individual level. For example, activity tracking stats may encourage you to walk more during the day. Information about your heating costs, may remind to close doors behind you or turn the temperature down 1 degree. Data can also be aggregated and utilised on a larger scale by companies to spot trends and trigger warning systems.

We used our EcoWifi app portal to monitor and compare running costs during the Beast from the East storm earlier in 2018.  Take a look at our blog about running costs  to see an example of how consumption patterns are shown.

Amazon Echo

Alexa by Amazon Echo is a voice activated, cloud based device that can play music, answer questions and give you the weather forecast. Alexa learns your speech patterns the more you talk to her, and also gets to know your preferences. It can also work with home devices such as lights, switches, TV’s and thermostats. If that’s not enough, Alexa can also learn ‘skills’ such as ordering flowers and pizza!

The Future

With broadband becoming faster, more widely available and more reliable, the future of the connected home looks bright. The signal range of WiFi routers is improving and they can even cope with thick stone walls nowadays.   

This improved technology will equip homes with full mobile control and visibility of their consumption, and consequently best control of their running costs.  Further improvements such as geolocation will ensure no unnecessary electricity consumption as your electric radiator will only work when it senses you are home.

VeriSmart Heating’s latest product, the EcoWiFi offers all the benefits of ceramic core electric heating together with amazing WiFi controllability.  Our EcoWiFi range is also integrated with Amazon Echo and geolocation technology.  

If you would like to find out more about our WiFi electric radiators read more or give us a call on 01484 213151 or email us on

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