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Taking control of heat and time on your electric radiator

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Taking control of heat and time on your electric radiatorAs the nation’s clocks go back this weekend, it seems like a good time to focus on how our electric radiators can respond to issues of time.

This is because electric radiators are able to use smart technology to adapt to time in a similar way to how they handle heat. So much like the way in which you can easily set the appliance’s thermostat control to determine your room’s temperature, you can also program your electric radiator to function at different times of the day.

The electric radiators are able to do this through the smart technology that provides a number of convenient presents that can be simply set to deliver heat at specific hours of the day.

And just to avoid confusion, we’ve made sure that the clock on our electric radiators is self-adjusting so that you don’t have to remember to alter the clock in accordance with a change in GMT or BST time zones.

In order to ensure that you are given full flexibility with your electric radiator, the smart controller also allows you to create your own customisable timings for how and when your heat will be delivered.

This can be particularly handy should you wish to have your electric radiator automatically turn on before you wake up in order to avoid those chilly and unpleasant winter mornings.

The customisable features of our electric radiators can also be useful if you need to have the appliances respond to complex patterns in a home’s use, such as in the instance of a multi-occupancy household.

It’s also reassuring to remember that you are provided with an energy-efficient thermostat control with each radiator that will help ensure that you don’t waste energy regardless of what preset that you have your electric radiator on.

And with the time-feature of our electric radiators supplying you with an unprecedented amount of control over your heating solutions, it’s just another example of how we can provide a simpler and more cost-effective way of heating your home.

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