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The Connected Home and Electric Heating

What is the connected home

Many thought it was a passing fad and that it wouldn’t amount to much. But with the recent popularity of Amazon Echo, it doesn’t look like it is going away anytime [...]

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5 Reasons Why Electric Radiators Are Very Smart For Developers

So you’ve chosen a good location in an up and coming neighbourhood. You’ve done your homework on the local schools and how much properties go for in that street and you’ve decided on the type of [...]

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Electric heating… what are our options?

With winter fast approaching and energy prices on the rise, many of us are now wondering how we are going to manage our energy costs in the coming months.  For many of us the cost of keeping our [...]

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The future of electric heating

The Future of Electric Heating. Masterclass at HomeBuilding and Renovating Show. NEC 2016

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Why heat electric?

Electric heating gets a lot of bad press and we often get asked about running costs and efficiency. In this article we examine why people choose electric heating.

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Reduce the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Electric Radiators

Carbon monoxide (CO) is the silent killer which is responsible for around 40 deaths a year. It occurs when fuel starts to produce carbon monoxide rather than carbon dioxide through a lack of [...]

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