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Electric Radiator Running Costs During Arctic Blast

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Keeping Warm During the Beast From the East

During our recent arctic blast temperatures have plummeted as low as -10 degrees C. We often get asked how much electric radiators costs to run. What a great time to put them to the test! It can't get much worse than this!

Both radiators are programmed to reach a temperature of 19 degrees C between 6pm and 6am. The night time temperatures fell to -7 degrees C and during the day it reached a high of -1 degrees C. The house is a 1970s build with good insulation.

Running Costs in Room 1

Running costs Beast From East

This is a 1500w radiator heating a large bedroom on 28th Feb 18 during the worst of the icy spell. The total consumption over the 24 hour period was 8.83 kWh. If you assume a cost per unit of 12p then the total cost to heat the room would be £1.05.

Running Costs in Room 2

Running costs Beast From East

This is a 750w heating a small bedroom during the same 24hr period on 28th Feb 2018. The total consumption for the period was 2.89 kWh. If you pay 12p per unit of electricity then the total cost to heat the room would be 34p.

Meanwhile Earlier in February!

Here is screenshot of the same two radiators during normal February weather. The programme and schedule remain exactly the same.

Room 1


Running costs Beast From East

The total consumption for the 1500w was 2.73 kWh on 19/2/18. This represents a total running cost of 32p for that 24 hour period.

Room 2


Running costs Beast From East

The 750w radiator used 0.86 kWh during 19/2/18. At 12p per kWh this equals a running cost of 10p.

How Much Will it Cost to Heat My Home?

I hope you can see how difficult it is to answer that question. There are so many variables, with the external temperature being a big one. But seeing how the radiators perform during the examples above should give you an indication of running costs at their worst!

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