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Lot 20 and the Effect on Electric Heating for the Trade

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Lot 20 Open Window Detection

Did you used to buy cheap convector heaters or panel heaters for your developments or projects? Are you wondering what to do now that Lot 20 regulations have kicked in?

What are Lot 20 regulations?

From Jan 1st 2018 manufacturers can only produce space heaters that are compliant with EcoDesign Lot 20 energy efficiency regulations. This means that all units must be;

  • 24/7 programmable and thermostatically controlled

And have one of the following features

  1. Remote control via an app or geolocation. This means that you don’t wasting energy heating empty rooms.
  2. Open window detection
  3. Adaptive start control. This means that they begin heating up at the optimal time to get the room to the desired temperature at the right time.

The result of the legislation means that many convectors, panel heaters and storage heaters are no longer in production. And trademen like yourselves may be wondering what to replace them with.

What does it mean for me?

Non compliant stock may be still be available to purchase for a limited time. But this will soon be phased out. It will be necessary to look for alternative space heating solutions. The driver behind the regulations is to reduce energy consumption and therefore carbon emissions to meet global targets. However, if your clients or projects are price sensitive, they may not understand the motives behind the change.

Efficient and Economical Alternative

If you are struggling to find an efficient and economical alternative, then look no further. VeriSmart Heating stock a range of Lot 20 compliant ceramic electric radiators. The EcoSlimline and EcoCurve are available at very competitive 100+ prices. Open a trade account and get access to our great prices.

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