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Getting chilly in your man cave? Electric radiators to the rescue!

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How to heat your man cave

How to heat your man cave

Do you remember that scene in Batman Returns where the infamous masked vigilante rides his Batmobile into his Batcave and then proceeds to moan to Alfred that it’s too cold?

Alfred nods his head, wheels over an electric radiator for Bruce Wayne to warm his hands up and the superhero turns to the camera and smiles.

If you can’t remember this particular scene it’s probably because we made it up.

Batman is not a wimp. He feels no cold. Unfortunately, you’re just a mere mortal who’s a little bit more sensitive to the temperature.

Man caves get pretty cold you know!

The truth is that most men love spending time in their man caves. Whether they’re sat in the garage playing the drums or playing pool with their buddies from work; once they’re in, they won’t come out.

Unless it gets too cold in there. Then they’ll take over your living room, and you don’t want that to happen.

It seems that men are just as prone to the cold as anybody else. If their man cave is cold, they’ll just moan about it instead of solving the problem. Even during the summer, the evenings can be quite chilly. An electric heater is just the ticket.

Heating your garage or shed doesn’t have to be a difficult task and there’s absolutely no need to get a piped radiator installed. That’s just a waste of time and money.

Instead of messing about with plumbing our electric radiators can do the same job for half the price.

The benefits of installing electric radiators

The first thing you need to know is that these radiators are incredibly easy to install.

All you need to do is mount them to your wall and plug them into the mains. No need for an electrician – unless you’re not confident with this kind of stuff – and no need for a plumber.

If you need an extra electric heater for around the house you can go ahead and attach wheels to one of our EcoHeat or EcoWifi radiators. Great for any room in the house – including the garage.

They’re also low maintenance, which means once they’re installed you won’t have to think about them ever again – a bit like your husband once he’s in his man cave. How nice.

Gadget Heaven

We all know boys love their toys. Our new WiFi radiators will not disappoint. You can control them from your phone. So you can get the man cave warm just in time for the football to start! It is also compatible with Amazon Echo, so you can order the pizzas in and switch the heating on at the same time! Get in!!!  

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