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FAQ: How much electricity do electric radiators use?

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Regardless if you use gas, solid fuel, storage heaters or electric radiators, in order to combat rising fuel bills, it’s becoming increasingly critical for energy users to consider the cost of heating their homes.

This is because being able to budget according to your energy demands will enable you to enjoy the comfort of a cosy home without worrying about excess cost.

There are many factors that should be considered when determining how much electricity your electric radiator will use. These include;

  • is your insulation good or poor?
  • do you have double glazing?
  • do your doors and windows fit well?
  • how many people occupy the room (generating their own heat)?
  • how much sun do you get into the rooms?

If your radiator is having to work hard to maintain the temperature in the room due to draughts and poor insulation, it will use more energy.

Size of the radiator

The size of the room determines what size radiator you will need. The bigger the room, the more power the radiator will need. So for example, a small bedroom may only need a 750w unit but a large bedroom will need a 1500w. A bigger space, requiring a bigger unit will use more energy.

Lifestyle factors

Your own living habits should also be considered in terms of how much time you spend in the home, as well as at what temperature you have set the electric radiator’s thermostat control.

How much will I pay?

How much the radiators cost to run, will depend on how many units of electricity you use .... (which depends on the factors above!) ... and how much you pay for 1 unit of electricity. Shop around for a better rate and check that you are not paying over the odds.

Check your meter regularly

If you pay quarterly or pay by direct debit, you may not notice how much energy you are using. It is wise to do a meter reading once a month at the very least. Then you will spot anything odd quickly and avoid any surprise big bills. 

Wifi electric radiators

Wifi electric radiators can reduce much of the uncertainty by allowing us to monitor realtime, hour by hour usage. You can check this on your laptop or an app on your smartphone. Here is a case study which shows how much electricity the radiators used during the arctic weather in February 2018.

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