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Electric Radiators for landlords

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Electric Radiators for LandlordsWhat heating system should you use in your rental property? Is there a heating system that will not require the property to be re-plumbed? Is there an affordable way to heat my rental property? Are there reliable radiators for landlords? All of these questions are things that landlords ask on a regular basis.

As a property developer it can often be difficult to find the ideal heating system without a very expensive outlay and running costs. However, it isn’t just the initial cost to consider, it is also important to consider the maintenance cost of the heating setup in a rental property.

Traditionally the decision has always boiled down to a choice between high maintenance gas central heating and old-fashioned electric storage heaters. However, electric heating of today has significantly evolved; offering a third option in the shape of stylish and intelligent electric radiators, making for a great source of radiators for landlords.

Affordable for both the landlord and tenant

Electric radiators offer an alternative to storage heaters and gas central heating, meaning that you no longer have to choose between lower running costs for tenants and lower maintenance costs for you as a landlord.

Electric radiators deliver heat in exactly the same way as central heating radiators – through a mixture of radiated and convected heat projected from hot elements inside the radiator. However, unlike gas central heating, electric radiators do not burn fuel, making them a safe alternative that requires absolutely no maintenance. A great option for landlords as you do not need to pay for an annual service as compared to gas central heating.

Energy Efficient

Electric radiators have a key advantage over gas central heating. With electric radiators each heating unit is fully independent, meaning that you do not need to activate the entire system to heat a single room. For example, if you just want to heat your living room, a gas central heating system has to heat up the boiler and send hot water all over your house before the radiator can start to warm. Whereas an electric radiator only has to send power from the power socket to the electric radiator; meaning minimum energy is required and heat is instantly emitted.

Electric radiators now have a highly accurately thermostat installed on each radiator to regulate temperatures, meaning the temperature of each room can be closely monitored. 24/7 digital programmers on each radiator allow you to set personalised heating programmes which reflect your lifestyle.

Easy to install

Unlike gas central heating, electric radiators are easy to install. Wall mounted electric radiators can be located anywhere, as long as there is access to a plug socket. The electric radiator simply need to be mounted on a bracket – which we’ll provide you with a set of simple and easy to read instructions – and the radiator simply slots onto the brackets. It really is that simple. No worrying about pipes and plumbing!

Electric radiators really are a great investment for landlords:

  • Higher energy efficiency above both gas central heating and storage heaters
  • Low eco running costs
  • Straightforward installation without plumbing
  • Totally maintenance free
  • 10 Year body parts warranty

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