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Electric heating… what are our options?

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EcoHeat Electric RadiatorWith winter fast approaching and energy prices on the rise, many of us are now wondering how we are going to manage our energy costs in the coming months.  For many of us the cost of keeping our homes comfortable and warm has been a source of stress for years and this has naturally led to us being extra careful when considering our heating options.

Electric heating has increasingly become more and more popular over the past few years. Electricity is the future of home heating; it is a clean and green form of fuel and is becoming significant in creating carbon free environment. Energy companies are investing heavily in wind farms, solar farms and tidal energy – this all creates cheap, clean electricity suitable for all of us to use. It can be manufactured without any carbon emissions and it works effectively in all homes. We've also seen the market grow with innovative new utilities companies like Bulb offering great deals to consumers. 

As electricity is increasingly becoming a more popular method to heat homes, the range of electric heaters is also growing at a rapid rate. So what is available?

Slimline Radiators

Slimline electric radiators are ideal if you are not wanting to compromise on the style and interior of your property. At just 7.5 centimetres deep the Slimline range of electric radiators is one of the slimmest on the market today without compromising on the performance.

The slimline range features both a light weight ceramic core with an encased heating element and a finned heating element. These combine to give you low running costs and rapid temperature adjustments. What more could you want in a radiator!

Our EcoSlimline range of electric radiators are ideal if you live in a newer type of property. It can be hung on stud walls due to its light weight yet still offers the benefits of ceramic as the heating medium. As with all our electric radiators you will get a digital thermostat, fully programmable controls and cost saving features like open window detection.

EcoHeat Electric Radiator

We all want the same things from our electric heating. Maintain a comfortable temperature without consuming too much electricity. Thanks to its ceramic core, the EcoHeat range with its dual, encased heating elements can maintain a room temperature long after it stops drawing power.

There has long since been a stigma attached to electric heating – after all, electricity is expensive isn’t it? This really isn’t true. Our eco range provides heat for a longer period than other forms of heating. We filmed the cooling of two radiators, our ceramic core EcoHeat and an oil filled electric radiator. We have made this video using a thermal imaging camera, designed to show the heat. The film is time lapsed to condense the time and the results are clear.  

The aesthetics of this range are more traditional and as it is made from cast aluminium and ceramic, you can see and feel the quality of this range. It is best fitted to external, solid walls and a single 2000 watt unit can heat up to 24 square meters of floor space comfortably. 


The EcoWiFi range are our newest development. Based on the EcoHeat range they offer a next generation of ceramic core which heats more quickly than our previous version, yet cools at the same rate. The real benefit of the WiFi range is the ability to control your whole heating system from an application on your smartphone, or via Amazons Alexa. From the app, you will be able to programme your heating, make changes to the temperature and activate money saving features like geo-location. 

With geo-location activated your heating system will track your location. As you move further away from your home, the temperature will be allowed to drop, reducing waste heating and saving you money. As you move closer to your home, our Smart Heating App will ensure that you find your home at the desired temperature just when you arrive home. This is the ultimate way to reduce your electric heating running costs. Its simple, smart and doesn't require any input from you, so you can't forget to do it!

Towel rail

Towel rails are increasingly popular. They are a great way of heating your bathroom and ensuite, providing both background heat and a handy space to air your towels. At VeriSmart Heating we have selected dry technology electric towel rails. The results are a quicker heating time and no risk of future fluid leaks.

Towel rails are quick and easy to install in your bathroom and can provide instant heat for when you get out of the bath or shower during the winter months. Our electric towel rails are available in a white or chrome finish and are a perfect finish to your washroom.

Electric radiators can offer you a great level of controllability in your home, allowing you to set a different temperature for each room at various times. Managing your heating on a room-by-room basis instead of a central system is extremely cost effective.


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