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5 Reasons Why Electric Radiators Are Very Smart For Developers

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5 Reasons Why Electric Radiators Are Very Smart For DevelopersSo you’ve chosen a good location in an up and coming neighbourhood. You’ve done your homework on the local schools and how much properties go for in that street and you’ve decided on the type of person you will sell or rent to. You’ve spotted a run down terraced house in an auction catalogue or maybe a big old house you could turn into flats. But how will you heat it? Here are five reasons why electric radiators might be just the ticket!

1) Low capital outlay

If the property has no central heating, then installing a boiler and pipework will run into thousands. And every penny you spend will have an impact on your margin! Electric radiators on the other hand, can be a simple DIY installation, by hanging them on the wall yourself and plugging them into a domestic socket. For a more permanent solution they can be wired in with minimum disruption by a qualified electrician.

2) No maintenance and less hassle

On top of being cheaper to purchase, the radiators require no annual servicing or inspection. Where gas is present, landlords have a legal obligation to carry out annual safety checks and inspections. Also, if one unit fails, it can easily be swapped out without disrupting the rest of the system.If you have a large portfolio to manage it means that you have one less item on your ‘to do’ list and one less figure to add to the costs column!

3) Simple and versatile

Many rural and coastal villages are off the gas grid. So electric radiators are a great alternative when gas is not available. Also you can also be more flexible about the layout of the rooms and the location of the radiators as there are no planning restrictions to worry about.

4) Safe and reliable

If you are renting your property out, you don’t want to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. Electric radiators eliminate this worry. You can have additional peace of mind with VeriSmart electric radiators as they all have a global SGS safety certificate. They also utilise dry thermal technology, which means there is no risk of leaks and associated damage to property.

5) Comfort and control

Each unit has an accurate thermostat, which means it is responsive to changes in internal room temperature. Each radiator can also be individually programmed to half hour intervals, seven days a week. The ability to heat a property in zones, rather than centrally, is great for energy saving, but is vital in multi occupancy homes, where people need individualised heating schedules.If you are a property developer and would like more information on VeriSmart electric radiators, give us a call on 01484 213151.

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