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5 electric radiator disasters

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This is BillAt VeriSmart Heating our main aim is to keep our customers happy. Only yesterday I had a call from a lady who was delighted with the service she had received from us. I explained that our philosophy is that if our Granny rang up wanting to buy an electric radiator, how would we want her to be treated? We apply the ‘Granny rule’ to all our customer interactions. However, as we laughed and joked on the phone, I said, despite our best efforts, we can’t please all of the people all of the time. Sometimes we take a phone call and think ‘Really!?’. So we thought we’d share some of our favorite electric radiator disasters so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

1 Drying pants

Despite stickers clearly stating not to cover the radiators with clothes, there is always some bright spark who tries to dry their pants on them. This causes the unit to overheat and a safety cutout will switch it off. Eventually, this will break the unit if it happens enough times.

2 Heated seats

Do not place sofas directly in front of your electric radiator. If you want a heated seat, jump in the car! It is essential for the air to circulate around the unit to allow it to heat up the room. If the radiator is blocked in by furniture or shelves it will reduce its efficiency or overheat and cutout. If you are short of wall space, you can always purchase trundle wheels to allow the EcoHeat radiator to be freestanding.

3 In the dog house

You may well be in the dog house if you put your pet’s bed directly up against the radiator. The dog might be happy as he snuggles up next to the thermostat in the bottom left of the unit. But the rest of the family may not, when the radiator switches off thinking it’s up to temperature due to Fido’s warm coat.

4 Open door policy

When choosing a radiator you should measure the room and pick the unit capable of heating that space. However, if you leave the door open when you leave the lounge for example, the radiator is now trying to heat the lounge, hall, stairs and landing as well! And to do so, it will have to work much harder, particularly if you have draughty doors. So get into the habit of shutting doors behind you and go around the house hunting for draughts and eliminating them. It will save the planet by using less energy and save your pennies too!

5 Open all hours

My Dad refuses to programme his radiators. He leaves them on at a constant temperature (of 23 degrees!) 24/7. Not only is his house like a sauna but the radiators in the lounge and kitchen are working needlessly when he is in bed. Despite my best efforts, I cannot persuade him to change his habits! He also leaves all his radios, TV’s and lights on. Don’t waste energy like this! Be smarter and programme your radiators to come on when you need them.

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